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Road to Lekki-Araromi Beach Rally 2024

In the Heart of Black Africa. Breathtaking, vast beaches of white sand, the whisper of coconut palms. Araromi, Agbala Obi, Zion. Names that murmur like the ocean.

Sunbathe, Swim, and forget Europe for a moment!
Come exploring too, in the depths of Black Africa.



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Charming Villages, restful havens of forgetfulness, little hotels lost in the country

Araromi Beach

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Igbokoda Waterfront

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Idanre Hill

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A Magnificent Network of Circuits, where all itineraries become possible , even the most secret..

Quantum Valley is Africa’s Technology Hub for Startups, Scientific Research and Technological Innovation Epicenter.

Afrofuturism “visions of the future—including science, technology and its cultures in the laboratory, in social theory, and in aesthetics—through the experience and perspective of African diasporic communities.”

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First Lekki - Araromi Motorcycle Rally

QV we host the first top bike contests and motorcycle shows in the country including the Urban Rides All-Cycle Showdown,

Travelling Destination in Nigeria

Charming villages and little hotels lost in the country, restful havens of forgetfulness

Ilaje Culture Exploring



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Names which ring out like jungle drums and xylophone, conjuring up the music of African villages living with the rhythms of ancestral customs

The folklore here is truly authentic. behind the fascinating visual impact lies the expression of a real religious need: the masked dancers (Umale) you admire is not a man in disguise, but a genie sent by Gods…

Our curated tours are designed to offer the most authentic experiences Ondo state has to offer,

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First ever Lekki - Araromi Motorcycle Beach Rally

Join us oceanside at the beautiful Lekki Beach, Lagos Nigeria for a full-throttle event packed with best Afropop music, interesting bike shows, national vendor shopping, and amazing entertainment all between Lekki- Araromi  Beach Motorcycle Rally locations and many official partner venues.


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Quantum Valley & the Ocean

Dozens of kilometers of lovely warm ocean all year round. A sky painted in subtle watercolors or splashed in grandiose shades. The sheer pleasure of rolling in the wave, the supreme leisure of lazing or practicing a sport. From Lekki to Araromi runs a succession of superb natural sites of astounding beauty such as La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort etc...

To the North of Araromi, still lagoon contrasting with the restless ocean

In the pearly light of dawn, it feels like this is the very first morning ever. Canoes from the waterside villages, Agerige, Agbala Olope Meji glide silently by. The fishermen cross the bar with their paddles swinging to the rhythm of their song. This is where Quantum Valley is waiting just for you.